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Why Freshbins?

At Freshbins, we have been building bin washing trailers since 2005, this is seven or eight years longer than any other manufacturer currently building bin cleaning trailers.

As well as being a manufacturer of top quality bin cleaning machinery, we are also a leading bin cleaning company and have washed well in excess of a million bins since 2003. We therefore find ourselves in a unique position within the industry, to be able to draw on our own practical on the job experience of washing bins, to offer machinery, which has been specifically designed, developed and fine tuned over many years to offer the most efficient and logical solution to wheeled bin washing available.

We truly believe that unless you have done the job for yourself you are not best placed to design equipment that is 100% fit for purpose.

Freshbins Bin Cleaning Machinery

Freshbins UK Limited is an independent supplier of Bin Cleaning Machinery for sale in the UK and EU. Unlike the majority of companies in the Bin Cleaning industry we do not insist that you become a franchisee, you can simply purchase our Bin Cleaning Machinery and go into Business.

We have the industry experience and know-how to help you make a success of your Bin Cleaning Business – contact us for more details!

keepin' it fresh, one bin at a time

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