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As you will probably know, waste bins are a major source of health and hygiene issues (PARTICULARLY FOOD WASTE BINS). No one wants the job of cleaning them, and eventually they end up being very unpleasant things to be around as they become smelly, dirty and unhygienic, sometimes causing cross-contamination of dangerous bugs into the work place and attracting rodents.

Waste Management, Health & Safety and Hygiene are major issues facing all kinds of businesses these days, particularly those involved within the following industries…

Restaurants Hospitals
Pubs & Hotels Fast Food Retailers
Supermarkets Flats & Apartments
Schools Shops & Offices
Leisure Centres Housing Associations
Local Councils Facilities Management
Waste Management Co.

Our commercial wheelie bin cleaning services are available throughout the borough of Dacorum and beyond, and with prices as low as £15.95 +VAT per clean it makes this desirable service extremely affordable to use!

If you have any questions regarding our service, please click here to contact us via our contact us page, or you can email at or call us on 01442 265 606


Established in 2003, we provide a professional on-site service to wash, disinfect and deodorise your waste containers to leave them smelling fresh, clean and hygienic. The service is carried out on the day of your waste collection and we use specialised self contained equipment which lifts and washes the bin and leaves no mess on your premises. The bins are also disinfected and fragranced to leave a clean and pleasant container for you to use and be proud of.

Our service is tailored to suit your needs and can range from a weekly to a quarterly cleaning programme. Prices are as little as £9.35 + VAT per clean for a 2-wheel container and £15.95 + VAT per clean for a 4-wheel container, so the service is extremely economical and desirable to use.

This service also provides valuable reassurance to your customers, co-workers and environmental health service officials, that your establishment takes health, safety and hygiene issues seriously.

If you would like to receive further information, a quotation, or would like to arrange service, then please call us on 01442 265606 where a member of the Freshbins team will be very happy to help and advise you, or if you prefer, you can send an enquiry to

We look forward to assisting you with your commercial cleaning needs!

The Process… Our cleaning process uses only 100% biodegradable products and our state of the art, purpose built equipment, lifts and cleans the bin. The ecologically friendly process recycles the wash water and therefore our mobile washing units, which carry only 275 litres of water, have sufficient supplies for a full days work and can wash approximately 200 bins.

At the end of the day the water is safely and legally discharged at an approved water authority location.

The Environment… Care of the environment is of paramount importance to us at Freshbins and we feel that our customers will take comfort in the knowledge that we take a responsible approach to our activities.