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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions of our Service

1. Customers are requested to ensure that their bin is always marked with their house number.

2. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that Freshbins has correct and current contact details.

3. We operate a kerbside service; customers are requested to leave their bin on the boundary once it has been emptied so that the cleaning process can take place. Bins will be left at the boundary after washing unless agreed otherwise. (If you have an official assisted collection, please inform us and we will collect and return the bin to its storage position for you).

4. Bins must be left empty and available for the duration of the day; we can work up to 6pm.

5. Cleaning can sometimes take place the next working day after the waste collection, it is the customers responsibility to make sure the bin is left available for cleaning i.e. it should remain empty and be in plain sight and easily accessible on your property.

6. Freshbins will notify the customer of the start date of the four-weekly cleaning schedule and will provide you with a cleaning calendar for the current year, thereafter the customer should make themselves aware of the cleaning schedule and make their bins available for cleaning on the correct days. Our cleaning schedules are available to view on our website at, just follow the link to round schedules and you can check your cleaning week numbers against the calendar.

7. The following circumstances will result in us being unable to clean your bin but will still incur the normal charges:
• If it is contaminated with wet paint, excessive amounts of wet oil, or exposed faeces or hazardous substances of any kind
• If your bin is contaminated with the wrong items and the council don’t empty it as a result
• If you have not put your bin out for collection or you have put your bin away before our visit
• If you have put your bin out too late and you miss the refuse collection
• If you put the wrong bin out for collection
• If your bin is unavailable e.g. behind a gate, obstructed by vehicles etc.
• Out of date collection stickers (Council dependant)

8. Freshbins guarantees all cleans, if you are not satisfied with the result of your clean, we will send an operative back to your address free of charge to re-clean your bin, please report any concerns within 24 hours of your scheduled clean to arrange this.

9. If your bin is going to be unavailable for cleaning on a scheduled cleaning day i.e. holiday’s, hospital stays, etc. please give at least 24 hours advance notice to Freshbins to prevent unwanted cleans or charges. It is preferable to know as far in advance as possible so that we can amend your direct debit accordingly.

10. Failure to comply with the above may mean that we are unable to clean your bin, any visits are still chargeable.

11. If any rubbish remains in the bin after the refuse collection it will be at the operative’s discretion as to whether cleaning can be carried out. If the operative decides to clean the bin then any rubbish removed will be bagged up and returned to the bin after cleaning. If there is too much rubbish left in the bin and we are unable to carry out the clean, every effort will be made to call back on your next refuse collection in 2 weeks’ time alternatively please follow the steps in point 11.

12. In the event that your refuse collection is missed we will call back the following day however if the bins are still not empty you must contact your council and report it as a missed collection. Most councils will return within 48 hours once reported and we would ask that you notify us once you realise it has been missed and again when the council have returned to empty the bin. We will arrange to call back at our earliest convenience; however this may not always be possible and may still be chargeable.

13. Your chosen colour bin may not be changed within a 6 month period, if you wish to change to a different colour bin after this period you may. Customers may not alternate which colour bins they would like cleaned outside of these parameters.

14. If a customer cancels their contract before the minimum subscription period Freshbins will write to the customer to notify them that the contract is incomplete and where possible must be completed and the Direct Debit reinstated. Once confirmation of this is received from the customer, Freshbins will continue to clean as usual. If it is not possible to complete the contract this will result in an early termination fee to pay of £18.00 per wheelie bin and £9.00 per food caddy on the account. Failure to pay this may result in legal action being taken against you.

15. Customers on our Standard 4 weekly Service; charges are based on 4 weekly cleaning intervals; therefore if you wish to miss a visit there will be a £2.00 charge per bin to cover the longer cleaning interval and our administration costs.

16. If we are unable to clean your bin due to bad weather, freezing conditions or other factors beyond our control, this will be deemed as chargeable; however we will do our best to catch up the missed clean when conditions become workable again (this may not always be possible).

17. If the Council notifies the customer of any permanent change to the refuse collection please ensure that Freshbins is aware of it. If any cleans are missed due to us not being informed by the customer we may not be able to rearrange our visit and cleans will still be chargeable.

18. In the event of a customer relocating, subscriptions may transfer to the new address where possible. If it is not possible to transfer the account to the new address one months’ notice is required to give us time to cancel your direct debit and avoid any unwanted charges.

19. An official confirmation email or letter will be supplied when a new direct debit is set up, this will confirm the initial direct debit charge and the normal monthly amount, it is the customers responsibility to make sure they are being charged correctly and to advise us as soon as possible of any errors.

20. A customer cancelling Direct Debit arrangements with their bank must also notify Freshbins to prevent any unwanted cleans/charges.

21. If a direct debit collection is unsuccessful, we will notify you by email or telephone. We will then allow you a 7 day grace period to make your normal monthly payment without penalty. If we do not receive payment from you within the 7 day grace period, an administration fee of £10.00 will be added to your normal monthly subscription and we will attempt to collect your revised payment at the beginning of the following month as normal. If the collection fails again the following month, your account will be placed on stop until all the due payments are made. We will continue to try and take this amount via your direct debit until the debt is paid, once the debt is paid your service will resume as normal. If a customer’s direct debit is failing on a regular basis it may be decided to cancel their subscription and refuse them service.

22. We are closed for a period of 4 weeks starting at the end of the last full working week before Christmas Day. Please note that bins are cleaned at 4 weekly intervals and there will be some months in which you will receive an extra clean of the same coloured bin. These extra cleans take into account any missed cleans in the period when we are closed. You make 12 monthly direct debit payments each year and you receive 12 cleans of each coloured bin chosen. Premium customers on our 2 weekly schedule will make 12 monthly payments and receive 24 cleans of the same coloured bin.

23. If/when your garden waste collection is suspended by the council (Dacorum Borough Council only) we will clean one of your other bins or caddy in lieu, unless you instruct us otherwise (see point 23). This will normally be the bin/caddy that is collected alongside your garden bin. If you pay to have all of your bins cleaned we will clean your food caddy twice per month throughout the year at no additional charge to cover the 2 missed green bin cleans over the suspension period.

24. If you do not wish to have another bin cleaned in lieu over the Dacorum Council’s winter suspension period you may pause your green bin service for a number of months, however, please be aware that if you have received a duplicate clean during the year, this will need to be paid for before we can agree to pause your account. This can be done via a card payment which will incur a £2.00 processing fee or your direct debit can continue for one more month at no extra charge.

25. After your initial 12 month contractual period you are able to pause the service for a number of months; if you do this then when cleaning resumes you must receive cleaning for a minimum of 6 months before you can pause the service again or cancel the service, if you cancel prior to the 6 months the early termination fees will apply.

26. By using our service, you are agreeing to these terms & conditions. If you have any queries please contact us within 7 days of receipt, thank you.

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