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Welcome to our Residential Wheelie Bin Cleaning site

You wont be surprised to learn that wheelie bins are a breeding ground for Germs & Bacteria, inevitably collecting dirt & grime and omitting offensive, unpleasant smells – Fly’s & Maggots are also common in neglected bins!

Freshbins UK Limited offer a regular wheelie bin cleaning service once every four weeks or once every two weeks – you can choose to have one, two or three bins and your caddies cleaned- the choice is yours!

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The Process… Our cleaning process uses only 100% biodegradable products and our state of the art, purpose built equipment, lifts and cleans the bin. The ecologically friendly process recycles the wash water and therefore our mobile washing units, which carry only 275 litres of water, have sufficient supplies for a full days work and can wash approximately 200 bins.

At the end of the day the water is safely and legally discharged at an approved water authority location.

The Environment… Care of the environment is of paramount importance to us at Freshbins and we feel that our customers will take comfort in the knowledge that we take a responsible approach to our activities.

For information on Wheelie Bin Cleaning in Redbourn, Harpenden, St Albans or Hatfield please contact Love Your Bin on 0844 8000 012 or